Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #21: The Anji Bee Takeover

Dave's Lounge on WHUP

September was a busy month for me, and when things get busy, sometimes you get by with a little help from your friends. With that in mind, our pal Anji Bee put together a special edition of Dave's Lounge that ran on September 25. (And will likely run again later in October, as Melissa and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary soon.)

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Playlist for The Anji Bee Takeover:

(01:00) The Grooveblaster – Destiny (feat. Anji Bee)
(04:12) Plastic Chair – Spine
(09:19) 7 Day Visa – Que Quiero (feat. Anji Bee)
(12:30) Karmacoda – Naive (feat. Anji Bee)
(16:07) Anji Bee – Perfect Boy
(19:16) Lovespirals – Home
(22:47) Mr. Alfa – Doomed (feat. Anji Bee)
(29:24) Moosefrog – New Life (feat. Anji Bee)
(33:58) Bitstream Dream – Love Me Leave Me (feat. Anji Bee)
(38:38) Bloody Mary & Sis – Cast Out Of Paradise (feat. Anji Bee)
(51:30) Chandeen – Dreaming A Thousand Dreams (feat. Anji Bee)
(55:39) Aerotek – My Lonely Sunset (feat. Anji Bee)
(1:01:50) Beauvois – Stronger
(1:05:14) Hykuu – Act II (feat. Demmy Sober)
(1:08:37) RIVR – Roads
(1:11:29) Shortcircles – Drizzy
(1:15:48) Flamingosis – Airplane Mode
(1:18:18) Oshi – Fly
(1:21:16) Cymba – Hush (feat. Deverano)
(1:25:12) Elline – Smoke and Mirrors (2X2A Remix)
(1:27:50) Fox Feathers – Ghosting
(1:30:55) KRNE – Gloss
(1:33:59) Rahn Harper – Fire In Me
(1:36:59) Jonan – To Be With Her
(1:40:40) Mirfak – All Them All (feat. Dave Marsh)
(1:43:47) Royal X – Wednesday ~ Selfish
(1:47:05) Yodji – MKBA
(1:50:05) FTRSL/Bears & Owls – Heartbreak
(1:53:14) sn4tch – Without U Around (feat. Francis)
(1:57:39) Hebinomichi – NRMN-Pls Forgive Me

Enjoy the show!

The Anji Bee Takeover

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