Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #50: Playing Favorites

Dave's Lounge on WHUP
Some weeks, I look through my inbox and don’t find enough good music to fill the first hour of a radio show. When that happened this week, I decided it was okay to repeat some tunes again, for both the radio and podcast listeners. New listeners who are still getting a sense of what I play will find a good cross-section of tunes in this show.

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Playlist for the July 23 broadcast of Dave's Lounge on WHUP:

(00:00) Submotion Orchestra – More Than This (feat. Billy Boothroyd)
(07:58) Ruby Wood – Prelude
(12:36) Anji Bee – Just One Word
(16:43) Wolffe – Shoot You Down
(20:33) Said The Sky – Show And Tell (feat. Claire Ridgely)
(25:08) Mr. Echo & Jenova 7 – Born To Be Blue
(29:42) Pillowfight – Rain
(33:09) Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong
(38:18) Andain – After
(44:57) Got A Girl – I’ll Never Hold You Back
(49:19) Echos – Gold
(53:21) The Shanghai Restoration Project – Miss Shanghai Revealed
(57:12) Thomas Lemmer – Lost (feat. Tina Sona)
(1:00:44) CLAVVS – Bloom
(1:05:57) Sarah Fimm – Paradise
(1:09:40) Jo Hamilton – Pick Me Up
(1:13:01) Under – Under
(1:17:43) Natalie Walker – Uptight
(1:22:25) Ella Vos – Down In Flames
(1:25:31) Manatee Commune – Be Still (feat. Marina Price)
(1:28:30) Elliot Moss – Closedloop
(1:33:06) Torii Wolf – Body
(1:37:01) Kawehi – Pretty Things
(1:41:21) Gelka – Million Nights (feat. Phoenix Pearle)
(1:45:32) Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA – Hemisphere

Music bed: Permanent4 – By Candlelight
Closing: Mark Khoen – The Morning Air (Chillout Mix)

Enjoy the show!

Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #50

The Dave's Lounge ran from 2005 to 2017, showcasing the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo electronic music from independent artists and labels around the world.
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