Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #57: More Free Beats

Dave's Lounge on WHUPLast year, I did a show that was two hours of free music from Cold Busted Records. This time around, I’m splitting up the free music between two labels. I’ve got another hour of music from the Bust Free series, and I’ve got music from the brand new Chillhop Records compilation Chillhop Essentials Fall 2017.

Everything you hear this week is available for free download on Bandcamp. All the Bust Free tracks are available from the Cold Busted Shop (though you might have to scroll down a bit to get everything), and Chillhop Essentials Fall 2017 is available from this link.

Tune into Dave’s Lounge every Sunday at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (8:00 PM UTC) on WHUP FM 104.7 in Hillsborough, NC, or stream it online at whupfm.org.

Playlist for the October 22 broadcast of Dave's Lounge on WHUP:

(00:00) Mojo Rising – The Lighthouse
(05:50) (Bumper) Tom Drummond – The Bump
(06:44) Gofrilab – Cafe
(10:49) Green Street – The Love
(14:08) Tom Drummond – Gimme Dat
(18:47) Es-k & Akshin Alizadeh – April
(22:53) 80s Casual – Malaga To Manila
(26:12) mister T. – Cocktails
(29:50) CrackerJack – Noise Of Silence
(34:40) Garaz – Closer
(39:42) Krystian Shek – Got Soul
(44:21) Nick Tremo – 7 Playaz
(48:52) Sixfingerz – Lost At Sea
(52:39) Bobby C Sound TV – Unconditional
(59:08) saib. – West Lake
(1:03:20) leavv – within
(1:06:00) B-Side – Sky
(1:09:20) Devaloop – Rooftop Terrace
(1:12:01) L'indécis – Le Sud
(1:15:02) invention – vscrl
(1:17:18) badsummer – floating
(1:19:15) Axian X J'san – Autumn Leaves
(1:20:57) Flitz&Suppe – Level U
(1:23:43) Mr.Käfer – Settle Down
(1:27:38) Philanthrope X Kupla – Cycles
(1:30:19) FloFilz – Lucie
(1:32:58) Keem the Cipher – Come My Way
(1:34:47) Monma – Cruise Control
(1:37:27) Stan Forebee – Our Dream
(1:41:21) Tusken. X Philanthrope – Mr.Toast
(1:43:19) Aso – Soul Vibe
(1:47:04) Robot Orchestra – GoldenBrown
(1:49:47) sugiwa – memories
(1:51:35) Otesla – east
(1:53:42) Mono-Massive – space drift

Enjoy the show!

Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #57

The Dave's Lounge ran from 2005 to 2017, showcasing the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo electronic music from independent artists and labels around the world.
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