Live Mix

Live Mix From DJX Fusion Weekend 2015 On Mixcloud

Philadelphia_Night_Skyline_2I love spinning tunes for dancers in Philadelphia. They're a great bunch, and they're far more appreciative of my style than they have any right to be. Here's the mix I played for them earlier this month, recorded live on Traktor DJ for the iPad.

A few notes about this mix:

  1. Prior to the event, the organizers asked all the DJs to incorporate more variety into their mixes. This inspired me to include a bit of electro-blues, a bit of alt-tango, and a bit of funk mixed in with some of my usual fare.
  2. There's a bit less track-blending in this one than in some of my past fusion mixes, which was by design this time around.
  3. I played the original version of Bloodstream at the end of this mix at the behest of Emilio, one of the masterminds behind DJX and a fine DJ in his own right. He enjoyed the mashup I made but wanted to hear the original.


1.) Muddy Waters 100, “Mannish Boy”
2.) Boo Boo Davis, “Sorry Baby”
3.) The Ruby Friedman Orchestra, “You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive”
4.) Alison Mosshart & Eric Arjes, “Bad Blood (Tenth Key Remix)”
5.) Caught A Ghost, “You Send Me”
6.) Stateless & Ed Sheeran, “Bloodstream (Tenth Key Mashup)”
7.) CeU, “Concrete Jungle”
8.) Brika, “Mumbai”
9.) Evil Needle, “Worry (feat. JMSN)”
10.) Minor Rain, “All With You”
11.) Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA, “Hemisphere”
12.) Shana Halligan, “Something Real”
13.) The Black Seeds, “Rotten Apple”
14.) Stateless, “Bloodstream”



Come See Me DJ Live This Weekend In Durham, NC!

Dave occasionally DJs live!

Wanna see me show off my budding live DJ skills this weekend? I'm doing two one-hour sets this weekend as part of Tobacco Road Blues Exchange in Durham, North Carolina. The sets will be mostly downtempo and designed mostly for partner dancing, since that's what the exchange itself is about, but I'll have plenty of fun stuff people who just want to stop by and listen, too.

My sets will be at the Friday late night dance at 12:30 AM and the Saturday late night dance at 1:30 AM. Click on those links for details. My Saturday night set will feature several remixes I've done, including one that's never been played before anywhere. (And not to brag or anything, but it turned out really good.)

If you'd like a taste of the sort of stuff I do when I DJ live, check out these sets from events I played last year:

Live Mix From Shakori Hills Recess – 9/27/2014 by Dave's Lounge on Mixcloud

Live Mix From DJX Fusion Weekend – 11/14/2014 by Dave's Lounge on Mixcloud

And yes, I'm hoping to be back in Philadelphia in November to spin some tunes at the next DJX Weekend. Follow me on Twitter to find out when that's happening.