Dave’s Lounge #31

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Dave's Lounge is currently being downloaded in 36 countries around the globe. Now it's time for you, my dear listeners, to put yourselves on the map.

I've set up a Dave's Lounge Frappr Map, where listeners can push in a virtual pin wherever they currently live. Just click on the link in the right-hand menu and follow the instructions for putting yourself on the map. You can also leave a message for the rest of the Dave's Lounge audience to see. I'm hoping that all 36 countries listening to this show will be represented on this map…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #31:

  1. Sarah Fimm, “Paradise” Buy this song in iTunes
  2. Solus, “Ummes”
  3. Keith Hillebrandt, “Isolator”
  4. Aisth, “Pearls (Silent Queen)”
  5. Trancenden, “Kaeru No Uta Ga” Buy this song in iTunes
  6. R.K.S., “Chandni Raaten”

Enjoy the show!

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