Dave’s Lounge #38

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Some folks have asked me in the past if there are any other good downtempo podcasts out there. I've recommended Tempo of the Down in the past, though transmissions from that podcast seem to have stopped. A new podcast, however, has popped up — the Idyllic Music Podcast, which is four episodes in and sounding pretty good so far. If you're looking for some more sounds to help you chill, that's a good show to check out.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #38:

  1. Brookville, “Sweet Sensation” Buy this song at iTunes.
  2. Beauty's Confusion, “Falling” Buy this song at iTunes.
  3. Dr. Awkward, “Tribe of One”
  4. Idyllic, “Traces of Pearl”
  5. Cling, “Luna C” Buy this song at iTunes.
  6. The Endless, “Simply Sleep”

Enjoy the show!

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