Dave’s Lounge #44

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One year later, Dave's Lounge is still open!

Last week, I played all instrumentals. This week's show features all vocal tunes — some very mellow, some a little trippy, and a couple from live bands. It also includes one song that's part of Dave's Lounge iMix #5, a collection of 12 songs that have been featured on this podcast. Click here to go to Dave's Lounge iMix #5 on iTunes. (If you like the songs in this iMix but can't purchase it for whatever reason, please visit that site and rate it. Thanks.)

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #44:

  1. Gramophone, “Mr. T” Buy this song at iTunes.
  2. Hot Bitch Arsenal, “Persimmon”
  3. O-rynn, “Materialize”
  4. Digit All Love, “Run Away”
  5. Zonk, “3:05 A.M.” Buy this song at iTunes.
  6. Bebek, “807 Dub” Buy this song at iTunes.

Enjoy the show!

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