Dave’s Lounge #66

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Back from a long hiatus with a nice long show for you this week…

I got something in the mail a few weeks ago that I didn't expect — a commission check from Linkshare, the company running the iTunes Affiliate Program. As you may recall, I dropped the iTunes links and started promoting eMusic because Linkshare appeared to stop sending checks and gave me the runaround when I asked them about. Of course, now that I've actually gotten a check, I'm starting to wonder if I judged them a little harshly.

I talk about that in this week's show, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Send me an email at daveslounge@gmail.com and let me know what you think…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #66:

  1. Artemis, “Subterranean (Hidden Kisses Mix)”
  2. Area 27, “Wild Card” Buy this CD at CD Baby!
  3. Moshang, “Smoke” Buy this CD at CD Baby!
  4. Chill Factor-5, “Expansions”
  5. Monta, “Disappointment” Buy this CD at CD Baby!
  6. Verbal Kint, “Sea Breeze”
  7. void., “Chillroom”

Enjoy the show!

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