Dave’s Lounge #101

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It's taken me a bit longer than I expected, but Dave's Lounge is back for 2008. It turns out that coming down with a cold last week was a blessing in disguise, as I used the sick days from work to sort through music submissions and find a bunch of great tunes — enough to fill at least four episodes. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

By the way, my apologies to all my listeners in Germany (and Andreas at the XtraChill podcast) for the mispronounced German words. I was going to go back and correct them, but I've been dealing with a nasty cough for the last week or so and didn't feel like using my voice any more than was necessary tonight.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #101:

  1. Science for Girls, “14 Days”
  2. Soma Sonic, “Simplicity”
  3. Sleepthief, “Entre Ciel et Mer” (feat. san.drine)
  4. Klangstein, “Ganz Leise” (feat. Sylvia Gerlach)
  5. D*Note feat. Beth Hirsch, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”
  6. Koishii & Hush, “Since You're Gone (StarChamber Remix)”

Enjoy the show!


Dave’s Lounge #101 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Dave!

    DANKESCHĂ–N for feat. my little promo and the tune of my friend Torben Weber (aka KLANGSTEIN)!! Don’t bother with the wrong pronouncing, Baby… the track speaks for itself, doesn’t it? *smile*

    I wish you have had a great kick off into 2008 – beside that nasty cold! Hope you feel better soon!

    Andreas from XtraChill-Podcast

    P.S.: Check out episode 39 of “XtraChill” – it’s a great “Ladies-Special” – of sure with Natalie Walker! *grin*

    “XtraChill” & “XtraChill Intensiv” are FREE on iTunes worldwide or the Weblogs at:


  2. Hi Dave.

    good to have your music back… was missing it and just for the books, this is again an awesome set of tunes. My congratulations.
    It is a pleasure to listen to your podcast and dont worry about us, Germans. Just keep providing so fantastic music.

    Have a great 2008.

  3. Thanks for playing my clip, Dave! And of course, thanks for playing my friend KLANGSTEIN, it’s such a great song!! He’d got more on the Podsafemusicnetwork!

    Don’t bother on the german pronouncing! Sounded cute! :o)

    *hugs* from Bonn, Germany

    Andreas of XtraChill-Podcast

  4. Hi Dave,
    Greetings from South Africa. I been away for a while, what a great bunch of tunes to return to! Already hopped over to eMusic to make some purchases.
    Keep up the great work.