Dave’s Lounge #117: The Atomica Project Special

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I'm very pleased to present music from The Atomica Project's new album, Grayscale. Longtime listeners know I've spun plenty of tunes from the Atomica Project's debut release, Metropolitan — back when they were still known just as Atomica — and this Chicago-based band has put together yet another strong offering of heartbroken trip hop. It's not an upbeat album by any stretch, but it's still great music that absolutely deserves your time.

The Atomica Project's official web site.
The Atomica Project's Myspace page.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #117:

  1. The Atomica Project, "Losing Sleep" 
  2. The Atomica Project, "Forecast" 
  3. The Atomica Project, "I Woke Up In This World" 
  4. The Atomica Project, "Storm" 
  5. The Atomica Project, "The War Is Over" 
  6. The Atomica Project, "Gravity" 

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