Feedburner is Broken

Feedburner is broken

If you're an iTunes user wondering why Dave's Lounge #169 hasn't shown up in iTunes yet, there's your answer. For whatever reason, Feedburner hasn't been able to access any of my WordPress sites on Bluehost since Monday. I talked to BlueHost about it, but they claim they're not blocking anything, and since I can load the feed directly in my browser, I know it's accessible. Why Feedburner can't get it, however, remains a complete mystery to me.

And since Feedburner offers nothing in the way of tech support, I'm pretty much stuck here.

My only real option here is to stop using Feedburner and get the iTunes page to redirect to http://www.daveslounge.com/feed/. At this point, however, I'm not entirely sure how to get it to do that, and Apple's instructions haven't been much help. So until I figure this out, you'll have to get the latest episodes of Dave's Lounge directly from the web site.

If you're able to help me with this matter at all, please email me at daveslounge@gmail.com, or post a comment here. Thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks to my buddy Rob at Wizzard Media and the Today In iPhone podcast, the iTunes feed should update properly within the next 48 hours or so. If you're not using iTunes, however, and you're subscribed to the Feedburner feed, unsubscribe from that and use http://www.daveslounge.com/feed/ instead. Once iTunes stops pointing to Feedburner, I'm going to blow away that feed and use my own URL instead. Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience.


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