Dave’s Lounge #176

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I came down with the flu last week — not sure if it was the dreaded swine flu or not, but it was nasty — so while I'm recovering from that, I'm going to leave with a few new from the good folks at Sine Music, including a couple of tracks from Polished Chrome's debut full-length album, "First Experience." Sine Music has been good to this podcast over the last two years, so go show 'em some love by buying a song or two…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #176:

  1. Polished Chrome, "Just Chillin'"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  2. Merge of Equals, "Photic Zone"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  3. Deeper Sublime, "Japanese Garden"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  4. SINE, "Our Secret Garden"  Buy from: iTunes
  5. Michael E, "Look to the Sky"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  6. The Architect, "Lifechannel"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic
  7. Thomas Lemmer, "The Music"  Buy from: iTunes
  8. Polished Chrome, "Sunrise"  Buy from: iTunes | eMusic

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2 replies on “Dave’s Lounge #176”

Well Dave, I must say that I own practically every album from Sine Music and these are one of my favourite albums of all times. And this is all because of your podcast, so a big Thank you!

Keep up the good work and get well soon!

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