Dave’s Lounge #241

I've never really thought of the music I play on this show as dance music. Last weekend, though, as I was doing a sound check at a blues dance in Columbia, SC, I was surprised by the number of couples dancing to the first song on this week's show. I hope some of them are listening this week…

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Playlist for Dave's Lounge #241:

  1. The Human Experience (ft. Lila Rose), "Dusted Compass"  Free download from: Soundcloud
  2. Vlooper & Modlee, "All Matter"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  3. Angel Kelly, "Can We Keep This (eQo remix)"  Free download from: Soundcloud
  4. Liberty Klaud, "Lazy Days"  Buy from: iTunes
  5. Akshin Alizadeh, "Don't Mess With Me (feat. Rasmina)"  Coming soon…
  6. Boot Cut Rockers, "Children of the Sun"  Buy from: iTunes
  7. Mr. De‘, "Yu"  Buy from: iTunes
  8. Anthony Valadez, "Looking Backwards (feat. Joya Mooi)"  Buy from: iTunes
  9. *Blind Divine, "Funagerie"  Buy from: iTunes
  10. Ta-Ku, "Glacier"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  11. Curl, "Lunar Parks"  Buy from: iTunes
  12. Five Seasons, "Love Apple (Lemongrass wet dreams mix)"  Buy from: iTunes
  13. Mathieu & Florzinho, "Shine (Doggy Lounge Mix)"  Buy from: iTunes

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Enjoy the show!

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