Revisiting The Dream Sequence

And now, a classic episode of Dave's Lounge, and one I still think about from time to time. Thought it was worth revisiting.

I'll have the 8th anniversary show up on Tuesday, April 30th — although if you want to try the Dave's Lounge Premium Podcast free for 7 days, you could download that episode now…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #92:

  1. Blood Ruby, “Sleepwalk”
  2. 8mm, “No Way Back”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  3. The Silk Demise, “Bound”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes
  4. Natalie Walker, “Right Here”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes | CD Baby

Background Music:

  1. Rena Jones, “Photosynthesis” & “Driftwood”  Buy from: iTunes

Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #92


Revisiting The Dream Sequence — 3 Comments

  1. Always love your show, even if it’s not music I would normally pick out to listen to, I find myself enthralled and listening to the same episodes again and again. I love broadening my musical horizons.

    …I wonder if you ever got any valid replies about your dream. As one who has very story like dreams that are occasionally disturbing I empathise.
    I almost want to say, without any research first, that you’re looking for something, maybe by now you’ve found it…

    By miracle of the internet though this is what I can interpret of your dream…: It seems that at the time you were going through a lot of changes that you weren’t fully prepared for…
    That’s it in a nutshell…here’s the more in depth version:

    To see and hear rain falling symbolizes forgiveness and grace. Falling rain is also a metaphor for tears, crying and sadness. Alternatively, rain symbolizes fertility and renewal. If you get wet from the rain, then it indicates cleaning from your troubles and problems.

    To see or carry a backpack in your dream represents the decisions and responsibilities that are weighing your down. i.e. you feel burdened

    walking means you are journeying towards your goals while difficulty walking could mean you’re hesitant which fits in with the— broken watch …which indicates you’re unsure of your own feelings and/or how to express them.

    A closed gate could signify that you are not ready for the next phase of your life while walking through the gate indicates that you are entering that phase.

    The armed guards represent rational thinking or a play on words indicating that you feel you need to be on guard.

    Rescuing others can mean that there are parts of you that you are neglecting and/or cannot/do not know how to express them…

    Dreaming you are in a coma can mean that you may not be prepared for changes happening around you…

    To dream that you are waking up in your dream indicates that something is missing or lacking in your life. There is an aspect of your life that you aren’t utilizing to its fullest potential. You’re not recognizing your abilities.

    To see or lie on a gurney in your dream suggests that you need to slow down, that your lifestyle or life decisions may be jeopardizing your well being- reevaluate your choices.

    To dream that you are in college indicates that you are going through some social or cultural changes. You may be wanting to expand your knowledge and awareness. It also suggests that it is a good time for you to try new things.