Dave’s Lounge #283: The 9th Anniversary Mix

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #283Nine years.

Sometimes I can't believe I've been doing this podcast for nine years. I told myself long ago that when this show starts to feel like work, I'll let it go and move on to something else. But even lately, when it has felt like work, I can't seem to let it go, and I'm not sure why.

Maybe in the back of my mind, I still believe this will show open doors, lead to bigger and better things. (It certainly has in the past.) Maybe I just want to get to the 10-year anniversary. Or maybe I just love this music too much, and want to keep sharing it with all of you, and anyone else who would listen.

This week, I could use your help with that. Please share this episode with all your friends. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media sites. Copy it to CD-Rs and thumb drives and memory cards and give them away. This episode, like all episodes of Dave's Lounge, is released under a Creative Commons license, so it's meant to be shared. I thank you, and the musicians who make this incredible music thank you, too.

Here's to nine years… Crikey, what could I possibly do for the tenth anniversary?

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #283:

  1. Bird York, “Remedy”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  2. Natalie Walker, “Lost My Shadow”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  3. Mark Khoen, “The Morning Air (Chillout Mix)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  4. Delerium, “Underwater”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  5. Bonobo, “First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  6. Submotion Orchestra, “Snow”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  7. Dive Index, “For Centuries”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  8. MinusBlue, “Pale September (feat. Claire Schofield)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  9. Artemis, “Auralei”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  10. Anthony Valadez, “Asleep (feat. Anna Wise)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  11. Lal Meri, “Dreams Of 18”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  12. Atomica Project, “Jetstreams”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  13. Thievery Corporation, “Beautiful Drug (featuring Jana Andevska)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  14. All India Radio, “Don't Leave (feat. Steve Kilbey)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  15. Hopscotch, “Eden”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  16. Data Romance, “Bullets”  Buy from: Amazon
  17. JK Soul, “You Give Me Happiness”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  18. The Disco Builders, “Don't Look Back”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  19. Alice Russell, “All Alone (Mocean Worker Remix)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  20. The Black Seeds, “Rotten Apple”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon
  21. Motif, “One More Time (feat. Naemi Joy)”  Buy from: iTunes | Amazon

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #283: The 9th Anniversary Mix


Dave’s Lounge #283: The 9th Anniversary Mix — 4 Comments

  1. Motif, “One More Time” – After three listens still my favorite. Are we voting on this one, since it is a montage of previous, or are there new tracks on this one?

    • No new tracks in this episode, so I’m not counting votes here. “One More Time” was actually part of the 2013 Yearbook.

  2. Hi Dave –

    I’m a bit late on this, but congratulations on nine years in the game. Longevity is a beautiful thing and it has truly served you well. Keep up the great work.

    Regards and respect,

    Macedonia (Radio BSOTS)

  3. Great mix, Dave! For the 10 year anniversary, you should do a “tenth year” mix as well as a “ten year” mix. There are so many that could go on the latter mix…