Dave’s Lounge joins iTunes Affiliate Program

It's official! Dave's Lounge has been accepted into the iTunes Affiliate Program. This means that when you click on an iTunes link in the show notes and purchase that song, I will receive a 5% commission for the sale. This supports the artists your hear on Dave's Lounge, and it keeps this podcast free of those annoying advertisements.

Here's a quick list of songs previously played on Dave's Lounge that are available now through iTunes. Click on those links to purchase them:

  1. Bent, “Sing Me”
  2. Bird York, “Wicked Little High”
  3. Daughter Darling, “Broken Bridge”
  4. Endless Blue, “Ninety-Nine”
  5. The FLIR, “Phere”
  6. Gaia13, “Trail of Funk”
  7. J-Boogie, “Oceanic Lullaby”
  8. Josh One, “Contemplation”
  9. Love Spirals Downwards, “Psyche”
  10. Milosh, “Simple People”
  11. Mudville, “The Hero of the World”
  12. Slovo, “Whisper”*
  13. Trancenden, “Don't”

*- This is the original CD version of “Whisper,” not the remix version played on the show.

At the present time, there is an issue with Artemis'
CDs in iTunes. Hopefully, this will be worked out soon…

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