Request A Song For Dave’s Lounge #264!

Image by Unique SquaredYou know what we haven't done in a while? An all-request show!

Leave a comment on this post with your song request for Dave's Lounge #264, and I'll put them all in one big mix, which I'll release on July 19. Any song that I have ever played on this podcast is fair game, so if you have any particular favorites you want to hear again, now is the time to get 'em in!

Get your requests in by July 15. And as always, thanks for listening!


Request A Song For Dave’s Lounge #264! — 15 Comments

  1. Hi Dave,

    Can I only request songs that have previously been on Dave’s Lounge or can I request ANY song?

    If the latter is true, check out this song by a RnB/Electronica artist from Toronto by the name of GIFTED:

    The song is independently released.

    Keep up the great work! Longtime fan.


  2. Agree, it is really hard to choose, but…VANDAAM, “Electron Oceans” !!! Thank you, Dave.

  3. Anything by Natalie Walker – Urban Angel album… or Daughter Darling for that matter

  4. Hi Dave

    Sorry, life got in the way. That sounds like a cop-out, I know, but it’s been a rough few months for this old man. I’d like to request:

    Natalie Walker – Sunday Afternoon (from “Spark”)
    Trafik – Into the World (from “Bullet”)

    I must note that nearly all of they particular Trafik album is a must-listen. I usually just put it on and let it play thru – it’s that good (but you’ve heard that from me before, I’m sure) …

    Keep the faith, and don’t give up on us. We’re here, just listening and sometimes answering. I’ll work on doing better on that second part…


  5. Hi Dave,

    Spotted your posting on Facebook and hurried over here. You have introduced me to more excellent music than anyone at any time during my life (even more than Anji Bee!!).

    My requests are:
    Sunburn in Cyprus – The Opposite
    Beth Hirsch – All Together
    Karmacoda – Turn
    Natalie Walker – Quicksand

    Looking forward to the show! Thanks for everything you do, Dave!

    Northern Greece

  6. How about something from the ‘East meets West’ episode? That is still my favorite Dave’s lounge episode

  7. Aaaaaaand we’re closing the comments here. Thanks, everyone! Be on the lookout for Show #264 this weekend!