Dave’s Lounge #293: Dreamtime

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #293Last week brought me a much needed vacation, with a trip to Charleston, SC, and my annual post-Labor Day excursion to Virginia Beach for the Blues on the Beach festival. It's good to get away and get yourself among different scenery for a little while. Getting a different view can give you a different perspective on the world, and it's good to have as wide a perspective as possible. I'm still working on that.

Thanks to lack of sleep, the Virginia Beach trip occasionally took on a certain dream-like quality. As a result, this week's mix takes on a dream-like quality of its own. You'll find a few familiar tracks scattered in with some new ones, including something brand new from one of trip hop's legendary figures…

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #293:

  1. Tricky, "Something In The Way"  Buy from: iTunes
  2. Boot Cut Rockers, "When Comes The Rain"  Buy from: iTunes
  3. Kwzé, "Dollar"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  4. Evil Needle, "Antidote"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  5. Data Romance, "Others"  Buy from: iTunes
  6. Buried Boy, "After All Mistakes"  Buy from: iTunes
  7. Ghosts Of Paraguay (feat. CoMa), "Beyond Reason"  Buy from: iTunes
  8. Submotion Orchestra, "Sleepwalker"  Buy from: iTunes
  9. Yellowjacket, "The Track of Dawn"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  10. Poldoore, "Industry of Love"  Buy from: Bandcamp
  11. Atu, "Can Do It"  Buy from: iTunes
  12. Marsbeing, "Don't Stop Dreaming"  Buy from: iTunes
  13. Dive Index (feat. Natalie Walker), "The World Is Kind (Five Insects Remix)"  Buy from: iTunes

Don't forget to tell me your favorite song from this week's show in the comments below!

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #293


Dave’s Lounge #293: Dreamtime — 2 Comments

  1. Very smooth mix this week, so much so that I’m not sure whether my favorite song was “After All Mistakes” or “Beyond Reason” since I’m not sure where one song began and another ended but Natalie Walker on “The World Is Kind” blew them both away. Thanks!