Dave’s Lounge #312: Bring It Back

Dave's Lounge Music Podcast #312
You might recall that I mentioned on show #309 that I put together a playlist for BeatLounge Radio that I decided to save for later. It seems later is now. It's been that kind of month, to be honest.

These are all tunes I've played before here, so they're not eligible for the yearbook, but feel free to share your favorites with me in the comments anyway. Hope y'all enjoy this.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #312:

  1. (00:42) Delerium, “Days Turn Into Nights”  Buy from: iTunes
  2. (06:16) Alice Russell, “Hurry On Now (FKJ Remix)”  Stream on: SoundCloud
  3. (10:58) Data Romance, “Something To Me”
  4. (15:24) Artemis, “Creation”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  5. (20:11) san.drine, “Blue”  Buy from: iTunes
  6. (23:56) Atu, “Can Do It”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  7. (26:42) Merge Of Equals, “My Everything”  Buy from: iTunes
  8. (32:12) Emily Underhill, “Dreamcatcher”  Buy from: Bandcamp
  9. (35:52) starRo (feat. Mikezilla), “Touching the Void”  Buy from: iTunes
  10. (40:44) Alina Baraz and Galimatias, “Drift”  Buy from: iTunes
  11. (44:24) Mindex (feat. Christina Sofina), “Sleepy”  Buy from: iTunes
  12. (47:29) Niels Binias, “Empty Walls (The Walton Hoax Remix)”  Buy from: iTunes
  13. (51:28) Motif (feat. Pamela Nyambo), “Strong (Alternate Original Mix)”  Buy from: iTunes
  14. (56:10) Bonobo (feat. Cornelia), “Pieces”  Buy from: iTunes

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #312


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