Dave’s Lounge #324: Where There’s Smoke

Dave's Lounge music podcast 324When Kawehi sent out copies of her new Interaktiv EP to Kickstarter backers, she asked everyone to keep a lid on things until February 24. I do hope she doesn't mind that I'm jumping the gun by a couple days on this opening track of hers, because it is spectacular! The new EP — which is her best one yet — will be out on Kawehi's Bandcamp page on Wednesday, and you can find her upcoming tour dates here. (Melissa and I already have tickets to her show in Chapel Hill on April 29.)

And if new music from Kawehi isn't enough to grab you, how about a brand new album from Submotion Orchestra? Check out their Bandcamp page to stream and buy Colour Theory, or click here to stream it on Spotify.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #324:

  1. (00:11) Kawehi, “Smoke Screens”
  2. (05:43) Submotion Orchestra, “Red Dress”
  3. (10:07) Louis Futon (feat. ROZES), “Wasted On You”
  4. (13:54) KLANGLIEBE, “Fatally Wounded (Original Mix)”
  5. (18:33) I'm From Finland, “Young Love”
  6. (23:26) Krystian Shek, “Champagne Bubble Bath”
  7. (29:46) Jerome Isma-Ae & Max Freegrant, “Thrill Me (Marsbeing Remix)”
  8. (33:30) ROMM & Alex Believe (feat. Margo Lane), “Forever (Chillout Mix)”
  9. (39:33) Mac Dusty, “Mind Expansion”
  10. (42:35) Midflite, “Autumn Love”
  11. (46:21) Calm Drama, “First Light”
  12. (54:45) Mo-Ka, “Winter (Chill Breaks Mix)”

Let me know your favorite song from this week's show in the comments below.

Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #324

4 thoughts on “Dave’s Lounge #324: Where There’s Smoke

  1. Hi Dave,

    As usual, you make it difficult with many tough choices. With that said, not to discount your favorites (Submotion Orchestra and Kawehi – they are terrific as well) I like “Fatally Wounded” the most, followed by “Forever”.

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