Special Delivery: The All-New DavesLounge.com!

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Well, it's taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but it's here — the all-new Dave's Lounge web site!

My only concern at this point is whether or not the iTunes feed will be updated properly. I've done all that I think needs to be done at this point, but it may be another 24-48 hours before all that's settled. If you're subscribed through the original feed, you should be able to get this episode now. You can also listen to it on the web, thanks to Martin Laine's Audio Player plugin for WordPress.

Because I did so much work on the web site, though, I wasn't able to get a full show together this week, so I thought I'd throw a few old favorites into a podcast with this week's announcement…


  1. Bent, “Sing Me”  Buy from: iTunes
  2. 46Bliss, “In A Long Time”  Buy from: eMusic | iTunes | CDBaby
  3. Red Joy Reid, “Cricket”

#75 will be ready next week, and I plan to do a lot more with this site in the next few weeks, too. Stay subscribed for further announcements, and thank you all for your continued support!

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Special Delivery: The All-New DavesLounge.com! — 7 Comments

  1. It’s great that you have revamped your site, but what about matching album art on your podcasts? It wouldn’t take a lot of effort and it would make your podcast look good, as well as visually matching your site.

    I once offered to create art for you some months ago but didn’t hear back. I’d really like to see album art!

  2. Congrats on the new site, very cool masthead. No need to change the show. It’s great as always.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. (thumbs up) I got my podcast from Itunes just fine, so everything is in perfect working order.
    And I am enjoying how spiffy the site is looking.
    You’re amazing!!!

  4. I actually dislike the new site layout. The colors are very ordinary in my opinion. They remind me the wonderful color matches of the old Apple II we used to have at school, or maybe some otake’s video game fansite, but without the retro feeling or the excuse of being done by a ten-years-old. This purple doesn’t tell me anything, except maybe suicide, given that sorta taste sick and sad at the same time when combined with the black and the light gray, which evokes a fading light. The red then only smells like drops of cold blood.
    I’ve got nothing against alternative emo stuff, but I’d be shocked even if the music you played was more in sync with the teenage-suicide theme of your colors.
    Moreover, readability is mediocre, even on my crisp-clear LCD–I can’t imagine what mess it would do on an old misconfigured tube display.
    I admit I have seen worse, I admit there’s a kick in your layout, which is shocking and hence good, but I much better liked the old layout.