Dave’s Lounge Is Moving To The Radio!

WHUP FMDave's Lounge on WHUP

The Dave's Lounge podcast is becoming the Dave's Lounge radio show!

Starting April 10, Dave's Lounge will air on Sundays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (1900 to 2100 UTC) on WHUP, a low-power FM radio station in Hillsborough, NC.

You can listen live at http://whupfm.org/, or on WHUP's TuneIn.com page. WHUP will also archive shows for up to two weeks at: https://whupfm.org/show/daves-lounge/

For more details, visit the Dave's Lounge Radio FAQ.


Dave’s Lounge Is Moving To The Radio! — 3 Comments

  1. This is probably very bad news for those that want to play podsafe independent chillout music on an iPod or mobile phone in mp3 format (or any other playable format). There is no option to download archived shows on the WHUP website. This probably means for many people around the world that there will be no more Dave’s Lounge episodes that can be listened to during commuting or at places wthout internet connection. Dave’s Lounge will not be open anymore whenever you need a place to chill.

    • Bear with me on this transition, Wim. I know it might end up not being ideal for folks who prefer downloading over streaming, but trust me when I say Dave’s Lounge isn’t closing just yet.

  2. Good luck Dave. Sadly I won’t get to hear you live. You’ll be streaming at 3am HKT and I will be extremely downtempo.