Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #59: Falling Back Again

Dave's Lounge on WHUPI’m not a fan of Daylight Standard Time. It gets dark far too soon during these cold months, and it disrupts everyone’s sleep schedule. I would like the governments of this planet to pick a time zone and leave it alone. This needless disruption won’t stop me from delivering some new music to you this week…

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Playlist for the November 5 broadcast of Dave's Lounge on WHUP:

(00:00) Placid Larry – Wurlie Alarm
(05:36) Narrow Skies – I Want The Wind To Carry Me (Delectatio Remix)
(09:37) Finding Hope – Love
(13:55) Suffer The Children – Someone To Lose
(19:04) Kaleida – Tear The Roots
(25:03) Evil Needle – Light It Up (feat. Aleisha Lee)
(28:47) Will Magid – Set Me Free (Zebuel Remix)
(32:11) Saib – Archipelago
(35:47) Terracotta Blue – Zero G Inferno
(40:18) Kasbo – Bleed It Out (feat. Nea)
(43:50) Giraffage – 19 Hours (ft. Harrison Lipton)
(47:34) CLAVVS – Sit You Down
(51:03) Able8 – Prisoner (feat. Melody Myla)
(55:59) Lorne – Bread Alone (BOA Remix)

Enjoy the show!

Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #59

2 thoughts on “Dave’s Lounge On The Radio #59: Falling Back Again

  1. I love when you come with this ethereal female vibes ….I loved Kaleida – Tear The Roots, but if I had to vote for the best song for the Year’s episode it would be Estrange – IO Echo from last episode….. Epic!!

    regards from Brazil,


  2. Hi Dave,

    I hope this finds you well and you have a happy Thanksgiving! My favorite this episode (second half) was Quadraphonic Sound Project- You’re already Gone. As a runner up for the second half, I liked one of your favorite musicians Submotion Orchestra-Red Dress.

    For the first half (posted here, podcast), I liked Terracotta Blue-Zero G Inferno the most. I also found Placid Larry-Wurlie Alarm was an interesting and enjoyable choice.

    Take care.

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