Dave’s Lounge #313: Free Music From Sine


Do you like free music? Of course, you do, and this week's show is for you. All the music in this set comes from a new free compilation called Sine Music Collection I. To get this compilation, all you have to do is sign up for Sine Music's mailing list at Sine-Music.de, and they'll send you the download link.

Connecting with people, and giving them a reason to buy. This is what music should be about, and the labels that understand that are the ones that we should support.

Playlist for Dave's Lounge #313:

  1. (00:17) Sine, “Wolke7” (Background music)
  2. (01:38) Boot Cut Rockers, “Your Love”
  3. (06:55) Setsuna, “Ether”
  4. (13:08) Klangstein, “One”
  5. (18:17) Electrix, “Spicy Sand”
  6. (23:34) Polished Chrome, “Mala”
  7. (29:05) Gold Lounge, “Only a Dream”
  8. (34:19) Soulcraft, “The Change”
  9. (39:18) Tauon, “Burgeon (Short Version)”
  10. (42:19) Glint, “A Fleeting Glance”
  11. (47:39) Normandie, “Beach”
  12. (53:54) Evadez, “Chapters”
  13. (58:48) Thomas Lemmer (feat. Naemi Joy), “White Room”

Don't forget to tell me your favorite song from this week's show in the comments below.

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Enjoy the show!

Dave's Lounge #313


Dave’s Lounge #313: Free Music From Sine — 5 Comments

  1. Amazing show. This label puts out some great stuff. I’ll definitely be checking them out!!

  2. Great job putting this set together. All the music fit together so well I forgot they were individual songs instead of movements in a symphony. I guess my favorite was Gold Lounge’s “Only a Dream” but I also love “White Room” (It seems like I’ve voted for that one before.)

  3. I almost agree with Bartholomew’s choices, except in the opposite order. My favorite was “White Room”, followed by Gold Lounge’s “Only a Dream”.